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Tron Smart Contract - Based MLM


TronMultiplier A Smart Contract - Based Multi Level Marketing

In terms of the legal recognition of cryptocurrency markets, the jurisdictions included in this rules and regulations may be categorized into two groups. In the first category are countries that permit cryptocurrency markets to operate, and within this group some countries (including Philippine and other Asian countries) have been proactive in that they have enacted specific laws recognizing and regulating the cryptocurrency markets, while others (such as Brazil, Argentina, and France) allow the markets to exist but have yet to issue industry-specific laws. The second category of countries includes those that have taken steps to restrict the cryptocurrency markets, mainly by barring financial institutions within their borders from participating in them (China and Iran).

Cyrptocurrency Market under the first category where Philippines is categorized has prevailing laws and sanctions, thus the TronMultiplier A Smart Contract - Based Multi Level Marketing has the following localized laws mandated and regulated by its system administrator. Furthermore, the following prevailing rules must be strictly followed:


Any person who joined, signed up or registered in this platform must follow the rules and regulations mandated by the Administrator. Therefore, each member must:

give his/her information to fulfill the purpose of opening an account;
provide legitimate email address for verification and future transactions; and
understand the rules and regulations stipulated in this platform.

Plan Purchase

All members are encouraged to buy any plan they wish to purchase. They are required to do and secure the following:

a secured and legitimate crypto wallet to buy and withdraw any plan they wished to purchase using their BTC address;
follow the plan subscription descriptions, its minimum and maximum capacity as well as its limitation entries;
any member is allowed to have multiple plans as long as they own the account and verified by the system administrator, otherwise, accounts will be disabled automatically once caught; and
purchased plans are not transferrable and are not meant to be sold nor rented.


Withdrawals can only be done by the account owner. Unauthorized withdrawal in the form of hacking will be apprehended. The following rules must govern in this platform:

Withdrawals require verification and confirmation. Once it is confirmed, an email will be sent to the account owner.
Withdrawals can be done anytime as long you have enough balance, subject to administrative fees.
No other wallet will be accepted except the registered wallet approved by the system administrator.
Incorrect BTC address due to owner’s fault or owner’s incorrect entry will not be considered as system error, but a profit loss.


The company has given each member an unlimited referral bonus using their referral links. Thus, the following rules must be followed:

Invites are free to choose the link they wish to utilize as their entry point in the company.
Looping or hunting (panunulot in tagalog) invites is beyond the control of the system administrator, thus, creating chaos because of such cause might lead to suspension of account of those members involved.
Use of proxy and VPN is strictly NOT ALLOWED

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